Despite the chaos and near-daily new scandals of the Trump Administration, health care remains a big issue for this Administration, the Congress and all the rest of us!  It’s hard not to get whiplash when trying to keep track of the rapid fire of new attacks, leaks, and other developments exploding all around us.  It’s tough to keep your balance.

UHCAN tries to help by providing a way for groups who are staying focused on their piece of the fight to share what they see and what they’re doing with others.  In our monthly conference calls and periodic alerts, we also encourage everyone to be open to learning from what others are doing in other parts of the resistance, too.

We know what we do on our calls is important, and we also know it’s not enough. So, in this alert, we commend a few articles to you that describe some of what’s going on underneath the headlines, “behind the curtain,” that can help us get a more complete picture of what’s driving the attacks on so many programs and human rights.

We’re not sending out another summary of how terrible the American Health Care Act is. We know you all have received a dozen or more of those.

Here are just a few of the recent articles that we’ve found useful:

The Racial Divide in State Medicaid Expansions
The Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, Colleen Grogan and Sunggeun (Ethan) Park, (2/17/17)

Unspeakable Realities Bloc Universal Health Coverage in America
Forbes, Chris Ladd (3/13/17)

The most important part of the Republican health bill is mostly getting ignored. Don’t forget Medicaid.
 Vox, Matthew Yglesias (5/9/17)

Abortion Opponents Gain Momentum as South Carolina Becomes 17th State To Enact Restrictions
Los Angeles Times, Jenny Jarvic, 5/18/17

What do leaders of the medical-industrial complex think about reform?
PNHP’s “Quote-of-the-day,” Don McCanne  (5/22/17)

Would California’s proposed single payer system bankrupt businesses?
PNHP’s “Quote-of-the-day,” by Don McCanne, 5/23/17

School Districts Hit Hard Under Proposed Medicaid Cuts
 NHeLP report, 5/24/17, Wayne Turner