UHCAN’s call Tuesday, Jan. 20th, will feature an extended discussion on the recent developments in the long struggle to get a universal single payer state system in Vermont. The activists there haven’t finished working through things and deciding what to do next, but that does not mean the rest of us have to wait.  The Vermont experience offers both general movement building lessons for all health care justice activists as well as specific insights for state based reform efforts.

Tuesday’s call should be seen as just the beginning of this vital conversation.  Here are some links that illustrate the range of thinking so far:

Three Vermonters respond to Governor Shumlin’s decision on single payer:
• Terry Doran, VTDigger – “Shumlin never said ‘never’”
• Peter Sterling, Vermont Leads (12/21) – “We must keep trying”
• Deb Richter, MD – “Single Payer is not dead”

End of an Era, by Richard Davis, Brattleboro Reformer

Professor Friedman Responds to Gov. Shumlin’s Single Payer Paralysis, posted by Healthcare-Now!

Vermont ends single payer bid: Feds now left to confront the issue, by John McDonough, Commonwealth

Vermont Single Payer: What Went Wrong?, by Jill Zorn, Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut

Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign Open Letter Calling Legislators to Action

What Happened in Vermont: Implications of the Pullback from Single Payer, from Don McCanne’s blog for PNHP

Open letter from 60+ organizations – Now is the time for Green Mountain Care

Solidarity Letter from Rev. Barber for the struggle in Vermont

The health care justice movement is not alone in reviewing Vermont.  Here’s a pro-market anti-single payer viewpoint:

Six Reasons Why Vermont’s Single Payer Health Plan Was Doomed from the Start, by Avik Roy, Forbes (12/21/14)