National Conference Call for
State Health Care Justice Leaders
hosted by the
Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN)

September 17, 2019

Reports from the Health Care Justice battlefield

Be A Hero project – Ady Barkan’s series of presidential candidate health care interviewsLiz Jaff, Be A Hero Fund, @adybarkan

Pressure builds on Congress to do something about the high cost of drugs – Peter Maybarduk, Director, Access to Medicines & Knowledge Economy Group at Public Citizen, @maybarduk

      Fact Sheet: Making Medicine Affordable
     State efforts to rein in high drug prices in 2019 (Families USA, 7/29/19)

Medical students and physicians mobilize against government denying flu vaccine to detained immigrants – Isaiah Cochran, President, American Medical Student Association, @amsapres

2019 Single Payer Strategy Conference, Oct. 18-20, Portland OR
Mark Dudzic, Labor Campaign for Single Payer, @LaborforSPayer

Announcement: Climate Strike: Friday, September 20th, #strikewithus

What can we expect from Congress on health care (if anything) this fall?
Osareman Okolo, Health Policy Advisor, Office of US Rep Jan Schakowsky (IL), #janschakowsky

Behind the headlines: Be on the lookout for health care attacks in the budget, appropriations and administrative processes this fall
Deborah Weinstein, Executive Director, Coalition for Human Needs, @CoalitionHN

Going the wrong direction:

Private abortion clinics closing at alarming rate – Jay Thibodeau, Abortion Care Network, @AbortionCare

   Communities Need Clinics (Abortion Care Network 1-pager)

New Census data shows 2 million more uninsured – Jesse Cross-Call, Senior Policy Analyst, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, @jcrosscall

   Census: Health Coverage Progress Eroded in 2018 (CBPP, 9/10/19)
   US Census Bureau report (9/9/19)

Report from a swing state: How do Virginians see the national health care debate?
Brian Johns, Executive Director, Virginia Organizing, @VAOrganizing

   300,000 Virginians newly covered through Medicaid expansion (AP, 8/1/19)
    ‘UVA Has Ruined Us’: Health System Sues Thousands Of Patients, Seizing Paychecks And Claiming Homes (Kaiser Health News Report, 9/10/19)

Announcement: Medicare for All Resolutions Week of Action, Oct. 28-Nov. 3
Melinda St. Louis, Director, Public Citizen’s Medicare for All Campaign, @Public_Citizen

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