National Conference Call for
State Health Care Justice Leaders
hosted by the Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN)

January 25, 2021

Top fights for 2021 continued …

Introduction – Rachel DeGolia, Executive Director, UHCAN, @UHCANnatl

Top fights right now

  • What’s Congress doing about the pandemic? – Abigail Duggan, Office of US Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), @SenSherrodBrown
  • The first 100 days: What health policy changes are possible?  – Joel Foster, Health Care for America Now, @HCAN
  • The vaccine – Zain Rizvi, Law and Policy Researcher, Access to Medicines & Knowledge Economy Group, Public Citizen

Sen. Warren and Rep. Porter Urge Full Use of Defense Production Act to Bolster the Nation’s Vaccine Supply as COVID-19 Deaths Hit Daily Records (1/15/21)
A Plan for the People’s Vaccine: How the Biden Administration Can Supply the World

Looking ahead at 2021 continued …

  • HR.1 and S.1 – What makes them #1? – Dan Weiner, Deputy Director, Election Reform Program of the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law,@BrennanCenter
  • Rights of Immigrants – Sanaa Abrar, Advocacy Director, United We Dream, @UNITEDWEDREAM

Protect Immigrants Now! Sign the petition for the first 100 days.

  • Rebuilding the nation’s public health infrastructure – Garrett Andrew Schneider, Assistant Policy Director, Public Services Division of Service Employees International Union (SEIU), @SEIU
  • Public Health Job Corps proposal & sign-on form
  • We have to deal with the continued destruction of the health care delivery system, including the attacks on women’s health – Lois Uttley, Women’s Health Program Director, Community Catalyst, @RWV4HealthCare

State by state breakdown of 897 hospitals at risk of closing (1/22/21)
How Hospital Monopolies Broke the System (The Nation, 12/2/20)
An Urban Hospital on the Brink Vs. the Officials Sworn to Save It (Kaiser Health News, 1/12/21)

  • Protecting Social Security – Linda Benesch, Social Security Works, @SSWorks

‘Clean House of Every Last Trumpist’: Biden Urged to Keep Firing Spree Going by Sacking Social Security Holdovers (Common Dreams,1/21/21)

  • Short term fights and long term fights at the same time – Melinda St Louis, Director, Public Citizens’ Medicare for All Resolutions Campaign, @Public_Citizen

Families USA’s Health Action 2021 Conference (Jan. 26-28) – Stream keynotes here
Lauren Rosenbaum, Families USA, @FamiliesUSA

Important announcement from UHCAN – Mark Hannay, Board Chair, Universal Health Care Action Network, @UHCANnatl