National Conference Call for
State Health Care Justice Leaders
hosted by the
Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN)

August 14, 2018

As midterms approach, all eyes are on the POLITICS of DEMOCRACY
(and health care …)

• #MedOuttheVote
Perry Tsai, President, American Medical Student Association, @medoutthevote #MedOuttheVote

• Birddogging for health care
Paul Davis, Director of National Advocacy, Housing Works; and, Birddog Nation, @housingworks

Birddogging 101 and Birddog National Platform

• Homegrown voter suppression while all eyes are on foreign meddling
Catherine Turcer, Executive Director, Common Cause Ohio, @CommonCauseOhio

Health care POLICY continues to need urgent attention …

• Putting the ‘All’ into Medicare for All
Sanjeev Sriram, MD, MPH, “Dr America” for We Act Radio, and Senior Advisor on Medicaid for Social Security Works, @DrSriram

   NetRoots Nation 2018 panel: Putting the All in Medicare for All – Eliminating Minority Health Disparities As We Build Health Justice

• Planned Parenthood battles continue ….
Kelley Robinson, Organizing Director, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, @PPact

• Medicare for All campaign … in Congress and around the country
Eagan Kemp, Healthcare Policy Advocate, Public Citizen, @Public_Citizen

• Four cities sue Trump Administration for sabotaging of ACA
Adam Grogg, Senior Counsel, Democracy Forward, @DEmocracyFwd

• Virginia: Big win for Medicaid expansion, but lots more work to do
Nik Belanger, Organizing Director, Virginia Organizing, @VAOrganizing

• Maryland: Moving forward toward health justice on many fronts
Beth Sammis, President, Consumer Health First, @4ConsumerHealth

     Maryland’s All-Payer Model Gets Federal Approval

• New York: Campaign for single payer “New York Health” gathering steam
Katie Robbins, Executive Director, Campaign for New York Health, @NYHCampaign

     RAND Report “Estimating the Effects of a Single Payer Proposal in New York State” (Aug. 2018):  Full Report here

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