National Conference Call for State Health Care Justice Leaders
hosted by the
Universal Health Care Action Network (UHCAN)

August 18, 2020

August 2020: Is it racial justice? Is it the economy? Is it the election?
Yes, yes, yes!!
It’s racial justice
  • Taking on racial injustice inside medicine – Ijeoma Opara, MD, Wayne State University School of Medicine; Physicians Anti-Racism Network, @PARNetwork1
  • Combating racism and anti-immigrant policies in public benefit programs – Jenny Rejeske, Director of Policy & Advocacy, National Immigration Law Center, @NILC

The Latest on Public Charge and COVID-19

Racism’s Hidden Toll – In America, how long you live depends on the color of your skin (New York Times, 8/11/20)

It’s the economy
  • Economic threats to Medicare from the Pandemic Depression and the White House – Judy Stein, Executive Director, Center for Medicare Advocacy, @CMAorg, #SaveMedicareNow

COVID-19: An Advocates Guide to Beneficiary Related Medicare Changes (7/29/20)

Joint Principles from Center for Medicare Advocacy and Medicare Rights Center: Medicare Expansion of Telehealth Helps Beneficiaries Access Care During the Pandemic – But Caution is Needed Before Making These Changes Permanent

Medicare Platform: Principles to Improve Medicare for All Beneficiaries Now and In the Future

  • Pandemic Depression disrupts health care economics – Jack Hoadley, Research Professor Emeritus, Georgetown University Center on Health Insurance Reforms, #GtownCHIR

The COVID-19 Pandemic: Insurer Insights into Challenges, Implications, and Lessons Learned (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 6/29/20)

Pandemic Hampers Reopening of Joint Replacement Gold Mine (Kaiser Health News, 8/10/20)

  • Economic Impact of the Pandemic Depression on people and public programs – Alicia Mazzara, Housing Team’s Senior Research Analyst, and Joseph Llobrera, Food Assistance Team’s Director of Research, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, @CenterOnBudget

More Relief Needed to Alleviate Hardship – Households Struggle to Afford Food, Pay Rent, Emerging Data Show (7/21/20)

Tracking the COVID-19 Recession’s Effects on Food, Housing, and Employment Hardships (8/13/20)

It’s democracy and the election
  • Pandemic relief/stimulus package: What’s the latest on the negotiations? – Calli Shapiro, Legislative Director, Office of US Rep. Sean Casten (D-IL)

Delivering for America Act to provide more funds for the US Post Office

  • 2020 Election: Defending democracy and voting – Sylvia Albert, Director of Voting and Elections Program, Common Cause, @CommonCause

Summer campaigns for Medicare for All – Melinda St. Louis, Director, Public Citizen’s Medicare for All Resolutions Campaign, @Public_Citizen


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