Agendas for recent national UHCAN calls

UHCAN hosts monthly national conference calls for state and national leaders from organizations working for health care justice.  UHCAN invites speakers to make brief presentations and provide links to more information relevant to our work around health care issues and campaigns in the states and nationally.  We aim to provide a big picture of what’s happening across the country, including in other social and economic justice movements.

National Calls

UHCAN’s March National Call

What’s at stake in federal budget fight? … High cost drugs fight heats up … Medical communities stand with immigrants … Why long term care has to be part of Medicare for All

UHCAN’s November National Call

Impact of the elections … Women’s health care in the bull’s eye … Can high drug costs be reined in? … Voting rights – What’s it have to do with health care? … The Political Determinants of Health

UHCAN’s October National Call

Kavanaugh hearings – What is the path from outrage to action? … Public Charge Rule would redefine social safety net … Fighting for Health Care for All – Updates from the frontlines … High drug price issue is HOT, but also a stake in the “new NAFTA”

May National UHCAN Call

Poor People’s Campaign, Defending against proposed Title X gag rule; Medicaid – The good and the bad news, Drive to privatize the VA, War as a health care issue …


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UHCAN’s Summer Reading List

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