• Amy Allina

    Amy Allina

    Consultant to non-profit advocacy organizations focused on reproductive health, rights and justice, Washington, DC
  • Jill Zorn

    Jill Zorn

    Senior Policy Officer, Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut, Meriden CT; Executive Committee
  • Ellen Shaffer

    Ellen Shaffer

    Co-Director, Center for Policy Analysis on Trade and Health, San Francisco, CA
  • James McGee

    James McGee

    Executive Director, Transit Employees Health & Welfare Fund, and, Board member, Labor Campaign for Single Payer, Washington, DC
  • Brian Johns

    Brian Johns

    Executive Director, Virginia Organizing, Charlotteville, VA
  • Bob Griss

    Bob Griss

    Institute of Social Medicine and Community Health, Washington, DC
  • Jim Duffett

    Jim Duffett

    Executive Director, Doctors for America
  • Nick Unger

    Nick Unger

    Veteran trade union and health care organizer and educator, Washington, DC
  • Patrick Cannon

    Patrick Cannon

    Vice-President, Wendell Potter Consulting,Tampa, FL
  • Deborah Socolar

    Deborah Socolar

    Independent health policy researcher, New York, NY; Executive Committee
  • Joan Pirkle Smith

    Joan Pirkle Smith

    Chair, Health Access California, Glendale, CA
  • David Byrom, PhD

    David Byrom, PhD

    Please note: Dr. Byrom passed away in July 2018. His long-time contributions as a board member of UHCAN and to the cause of health care justice are greatly appreciated. He will be sorely missed. UHCAN is grateful to Dave's family for designating UHCAN as the recipient of memorial contributions.
  • Mark Hannay

    Mark Hannay

    Executive Director, Metro New York Health Care for All Campaign, New York City, NY; Chair