There are many problems inherent in applying the marketplace frame to patients and to assuming that people can shop for health care services like any market commodity.  Lynn Quincy, the Executive Director of Consumer Union’s Health Care Value Hub, summarized some of the current research on why the consumer frame does not work in health care on UHCAN’s May 10 national conference call.  Recent research shows that high-deductible plans do not help control costs, but rather deter patients from getting needed care.  People do not “shop” for health care services based on costs or quality. People simply do not behave as those who promote these high-deductible plans promise.

Here are some of Consumers Union’s resources for advocates on this topic:

Issue Brief: Rethinking Consumerism in Healthcare Benefit Design

Here are more resources for advocates from Consumers Union.

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Lynn Quincy, Director, Consumer Union’s Health Care Value Hub,, @HealthValueHub, @LynnQuincy