New Kaiser poll:  Public Split On What to Do About the Health Care System, Though More Support Building on ACA Than Repealing It, Replacing with a GOP Alternative, or Creating a Single Payer Plan – Following Flint Water Crisis, Nearly Half Worry about Their Community’s Water Supply – Almost Half of Public is Concerned about a Widespread Zika Outbreak in U.S. This Year

“The latest Kaiser Health Tracking Poll finds the public as divided as the remaining presidential candidates over their vision for the future of the nation’s health care system.

“When asked to choose among four broad approaches for changing the health care system currently being discussed, the largest share (36%) say lawmakers should build on the Affordable Care Act to improve affordability and access to care, while fewer choose establishing guaranteed coverage through a single government plan (24%), repealing the ACA and not replacing it (16%), or repealing the law and replacing it with a Republican alternative (13%). …

“The survey also finds that the words to describe such a plan clearly affect how people view it.  For instance, nearly two thirds (64%) of Americans say they have a positive reaction to the term “Medicare-for-all,” and most (57%) say the same about “guaranteed universal health coverage.”  Fewer have a positive reaction to “single payer health insurance system” (44%) or “socialized medicine” (38%).  About half (53%) of Democrats say they have a very positive reaction to “Medicare-for-all” compared with 21 percent who say the same for “single payer health insurance system.”  [See complete article.]