Drug pricing goes crazy and people respond!
Maura Calsyn, Director of Health Policy, Center for American Progress – Enough is Enough: The Time Has Come to Address Sky-High Drug Prices

Michael Kink, Executive Director, Strong Economy for All Coalition, and Hedge Clippers, and, Jason Walker, Coordinator, HIV/AIDS Housing Advocacy Network

TPP trade deal goes to Congress – Still bad for public health (and lots of other things, too!)
Peter Marbaruk, Director, Public Citizen’s Access to Medicines Program

Insurance companies’ merger mania
Julie Chinitz, Director of Special Projects, Alliance for a Just Society
• Op-ed with Wendell Potter: Let’s Block Too-Big-to-Fail Insurance Companies 

MEDICARE: Congress must act to stop Part B premiums from spiking for many
Casey Schwarz, Policy and Client Services Counsel, Medicare Rights Center

National Single Payer Strategy Conference – 10/30 to 11/1 in Chicago
Mark Dudzic, National Coordinator, Labor Campaign for Single Payer

Black Lives Matter
Denise Lieberman, Co-chair, Don’t Shoot Coalition (Ferguson, MO)

MARYLAND innovates in health system transformation
Vinny DeMarco, Director, Maryland Citizens Health Initiative
A New Day for Health Care in Maryland Report

OHIO – Challenges to preserving Medicaid expansion
Cathy Levine, Director, UHCAN Ohio, clevine@uhcanohio.org
“Healthy Ohio” Won’t Lead to Healthy Ohioans […]