By Phil Galewitz|Kaiser Health News, March 24, 201

… “Healthy Indiana pushes Medicaid’s traditional boundaries, which is why it has the attention of other conservative states. The plan demands something from all enrollees, even those below the poverty line. The poorest Hoosiers can get coverage with vision and even dental benefits, but only if they make small monthly contributions — ranging from $1 to $28 — to individual accounts similar to health savings accounts. Individuals who fail to keep up lose the enhanced coverage and face copayments. Others who are above poverty can temporarily lose all coverage if they fall behind on contributions. …

“Other states have looked at it, but the Obama administration has made it pretty clear that Indiana is going to be a test case and much evaluation will need to be done before they approve any more like it,” said Matt Salo, executive director of the National Association of Medicaid Directors.” [See full article]