From Kaiser Health News,Jan. 19, 2018

For some federal health programs, a shuttered government means business as usual. But the congressional impasse over funding will hit others hard.

“A government shutdown will have far-reaching effects for public health, including the nation’s response to the current, difficult flu season. It will also disrupt some federally supported health services, experts said Friday.

“In all, the Department of Health and Human Services will send home — or furlough — about half of its employees, or nearly 41,000 people, according to an HHS shutdown contingency plan released Friday.”

The article goes on to address how the shutdown will affect the Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, Medicare, Medicaid, Community Health Centers, ACA Premium Subsidies, Veterans Affairs, Foods and Drug Administration, Nutrition Services for Seniors, and Food Safetysee the full article.