This article by Heather Howard from the Health Affairs Blog (Jan. 31, 2019) provides a quick overview of the ambitious health care measures governors around the country are promoting to address problems the federal government has been unable to solve: “Governors Set the Agenda for Health Care.”

The article enumerates the proposals by the following categories:  Coverage expansions, protecting ACA coverage provisions, affordability, prescription drugs, and behavioral health and addressing the opioid crisis.  The article concludes:

“States have always been at the forefront of health care innovation, spurred by the local nature of health care and a combination of necessity borne of balanced budget requirements and our federal system. Notable this year is the bold tone many new governors are taking, with talk of “guaranteed health care,” “health care is a human right,” “health care is a fundamental right,” and “health care is a basic human right.” Clearly, for health policy observers, the states bear watching in 2019.”

See the full article here.