Jill Zorn’s post on 8/18/16 nicely sums up the key issues and recent developments involved in the “negotiations” between the large health insurance company, Aetna, and the Obama Administration.  Here’s an excerpt :

     “ … If DOJ played nice and decided not to contest the merger, Aetna would continue to be a constructive partner, perhaps even expanding their participation.  But if DOJ played hardball, then Aetna would play hardball, too, and take their toys and go home.
“As Vox’s Ezra Klein stated in his on-line discussion with Sarah Kliff, this response can be viewed in two ways:  “ One is that Aetna would have liked to stay in but needed to make good on their threat. The other is they wanted to leave but could have been kept in by the lure of the merger. Or, to put it more crudely, was this blackmail or bribery or both? … “

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