UHCAN’s National Conference Call for State Health Care Justice Leaders

August 9, 2016

Introductory remarks
Rachel DeGolia, Executive Director and call facilitator, UHCAN

Hospital mega-mergers and restructuring
Christine Khaikin, Project Manager, MergerWatch Project

Merger mania in health insurance continued …
David Balto, Coalition to Protect Patient Choice

The Insurance Empire Strikes Back
Wendell Potter, former Cigna Executive turned whistleblower, journalist and author

Physicians speak out on impact of racism on their patients
Rachael Bedard, MD, coauthor, “A Letter to Our Patients on Racism

North Carolina: Victory and next steps in fight to protect voter rights
Bob Hall, Executive Director, Democracy NC

Ohio ramps up campaign to expand access to dental care
David Maywhoor, UHCAN Ohio, Dental Care Now! campaign

Pennsylvania holds (first ever!) public hearings on health insurance rates
Carla Christopher-Waid, Statewide Organizer, Put People First! Pennsylvania

Report on The Peoples Summit – Conference Summary
Mark Dudzic, Labor Campaign for Single Payer

Can nonprofits be part of Get-Out-The-Vote campaigns?
Sara Matlin, Bilingual Counselor, Alliance for Justice, advocacy@afj.org