Missouri became the first state to object to the proposed merger of health insurance giants, Humana and Aetna.  On May 25, the Missouri Department of Insurance announced that the proposed merger  – as currently structured – is “anticompetitive.” The finding states that the merger would create an anticompetitive market in Missouri for three lines of health insurance: Comprehensive Individual, Comprehensive Small Group and Group Medicare Advantage as well as individual Medicare Advantage. The Department has given the health insurance giants thirty days to come up with a remedy or the Department will affectively block the merger from going forward.

The Missouri Health Advocacy Alliance and other advocacy groups testified at an administrative hearing the previous week, in addition to economists and other stakeholders.  Here is the letter sent to the Department of Insurance by all the groups opposed to the merger.

Read the full Department decision here: http://insurance.mo.gov/documents/divs-proposed-findings-5-19-16.pdf

This article from Modern Healthcare has more details: Missouri Throws First Big Wrench Into Aetna-Human Deal.

The Coalition to Protect Patient Choice is the source for the “merger map” (abaove) and a good resource for information regarding problems with health insurance company mergers and what kinds of actions states are taking to counteract them.