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Over 25 years fighting for health care justice: affordable, comprehensive health care for all!
Metro NY Health Care for All Campaign

Building Unity

among groups working for universal, affordable, comprehensive health care
Cleveland, OH medical students

Connecting & Supporting

state and local health care justice groups and connecting them to national organizations working for health care justice
Moral Mondays/North Carolina NAACP

Forging Relationships

between the health care justice movement and other social and economic justice movements
In this new period, many new and diverse people and groups are joining the struggle for health care justice. Health justice is part of something bigger – America wrestling with what kind of country we are going to be. Health care justice advocates come to every health care issue from many different perspectives. How to get to universal health care …standing up to insurance companies and Big Pharma … the importance of addressing racial disparities in medicine … the fight for Medicaid expansion and against cuts. There are many different perspectives and priorities within our movement.
The success of health care reform in our country hinges on the connections the health care justice movement makes with other justice struggles. Therefore, UHCAN promotes building relationships with other movements and struggles for social and economic justice.

National Calls: Agendas and Blog

UHCAN hosts national conference calls for health care justice leaders that cover a broad range of issues and campaigns, both state and national, important to the health care justice movement.

UHCAN’s September 2019 Call

Be a Hero project … Pressure builds on Congress to do something about high cost drugs … National Single Payer Strategy Conference … Health care attacks in appropriations, the budget and administrative processes … Abortion clinics closing

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UHCAN’s August 2019 Call

Gun violence is a political and public health issue .. Taking on powerful mega-hospital corporations … The fight over high drug prices in Congress … Making the case for business for Medicare for All

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