Agendas for recent national UHCAN calls

UHCAN hosts monthly national conference calls for state and national leaders from organizations working for health care justice.  UHCAN invites speakers to make brief presentations and provide links to more information relevant to our work around health care issues and campaigns in the states and nationally.  We aim to provide a big picture of what’s happening across the country, including in other social and economic justice movements.

National Call Agendas

August 2016 UHCAN National Call

Challenges to hospital and insurance company mega-mergers …. Physicians and medical students speak out on racism …. Report on The Peoples Summit .. How nonprofits can be part of GOTV campaigns

July 2016 UHCAN Call Agenda

What’s health care’s stake in the broad, new coalitions around campaign finance reform? Getter HOTTER: The ongoing fight on big insurance company mergers … What do the attacks on the VA health system mean for health justice?

March 2016 UHCAN Call Agenda

The 2016 elections: How are health justice groups and other justice movements engaging?
Immigrant and Refugee Rights …. Faith Community …. Voting Rights Advocates … Unions

February 2016 UHCAN Call Agenda

The biggest health justice fights sometime aren’t directly about health care
• Detroit and Flint, Michigan, water crises
• ‘Time to Care New York’ campaign
• Zika virus – Is America ready for the next big epidemic?

January 2016 UHCAN Call Agenda

What does 2016 look like for the fight for HEALTH EQUITY and RACIAL JUSTICE? – Sinsi Hernandez, Health Equity Project Director, Families USA

What does 2016 look like for WOMEN’S HEALTH and REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS? – Gretchen Borchelt, Acting Director, Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights at National Women’s Law Center . . .

December 2015 UHCAN Call Agenda

Latest bad news from the health care industrial complex:
Pfizer inversion is a perversion

Frank Clemente, Executive Director, Americans for Tax Fairness
Mark Hannay, Executive Director, Metro NY Health Care for All

November 2015 Call Agenda

Report from Congress
Cathy Hurwit, Office of Rep. Jan Schakowsky

The ‘Casino Effect’ on Your Health Insurance Rates
Wendell Potter, former CIGNA executive turned whistleblower writes about the health care industry and health reform


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