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Over 20 years fighting for health care justice: affordable, comprehensive health care for all!

Metro NY Health Care for All Campaign (2010)

Building Unity

among groups working for universal, affordable, comprehensive health care

Cleveland, OH medical students (2015)

Connecting & Supporting

state and local health care justice groups and connecting them to national organizations working for health care justice


Moral Mondays/North Carolina NAACP (2014)

Forging Relationships

between the health care justice movement and other social and economic justice movements

The fight for health care justice is far from over.  Many organizations are working hard to implement the Affordable Care Act, counteract efforts to delay or obstruct it, expand Medicaid in their states, defend against threats to undermine Medicaid and Medicare, eliminate disparities in health care, get coverage for all immigrants and move forward wherever possible toward affordable, quality health care for all.

We believe that the success of health care reform in our country hinges on the connections the health care justice movement makes with other justice struggles, so UHCAN also promotes building relationships with other struggles for social and economic justice.

National Calls & Alerts

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UHCAN hosts national conference calls for health care justice leaders that cover a broad range of issues and campaigns, both state and national, important to the health care justice movement.

News and Links

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The High Health Costs of the TPP’s “Free Trade”

by Joseph Stiglitz for the Roosevelt Institute. “Despite protests from industry lobbyists who are upset that they did not get everything they wanted, big pharmaceutical companies are some of the biggest winners in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

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Where America gets its health care

This graphic accompanies a column by Michael Hiltzik in the Los Angeles Times, Business section, March 29, 2016.  The graphic is by Charles Gaba, is an independent web designer who ” has been making life easier for every journalist who follows the Affordable... read more

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