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Over 20 years fighting for health care justice: affordable, comprehensive health care for all!

Metro NY Health Care for All Campaign (2010)

Building Unity

among groups working for universal, affordable, comprehensive health care

Cleveland, OH medical students (2015)

Connecting & Supporting

state and local health care justice groups and connecting them to national organizations working for health care justice


Moral Mondays/North Carolina NAACP (2014)

Forging Relationships

between the health care justice movement and other social and economic justice movements

The fight for health care justice is far from over.  Many organizations are working hard to implement the Affordable Care Act, counteract efforts to delay or obstruct it, expand Medicaid in their states, defend against threats to undermine Medicaid and Medicare, eliminate disparities in health care, get coverage for all immigrants and move forward wherever possible toward affordable, quality health care for all.

We believe that the success of health care reform in our country hinges on the connections the health care justice movement makes with other justice struggles, so UHCAN also promotes building relationships with other struggles for social and economic justice.

National Calls & Alerts

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UHCAN hosts national conference calls for health care justice leaders that cover a broad range of issues and campaigns, both state and national, important to the health care justice movement.

July 2016 UHCAN Call Agenda

What’s health care’s stake in the broad, new coalitions around campaign finance reform? Getter HOTTER: The ongoing fight on big insurance company mergers … What do the attacks on the VA health system mean for health justice?

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Challenging Big Health Insurance Mergers: How-tos & resources

When insurers merge, consumers pay more. Premiums go up significantly, the networks are narrowed, and doctors are forced into assembly-line health care. The number of competitors clearly impacts how much consumers pay. Allowing five industry giants to become three, which is what these two sets of mergers will do, will be a horrible recipe for consumers.”

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News and Links

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Street Medics: Health care justice on the streets of Cleveland

The local group for Street Medics, Rust Belt Medics, has trained and mobilized well over 100 volunteers to provide first aid to protesters and others caught up in events at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week. The history of Street Medics dates back to their origins in 1964 in the Civil Rights Movement

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Pressure builds to stop insurance mega-mergers

“The regulatory process is inadequate and failing the American public. It’s time for the Department of Justice to take a good hard look at what’s going on and do the right thing. These mergers should be stopped.”

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